Still current album from 2018 "AGAIN IN THE WAR", but after remix and remaster from 2022.

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01 Again In The War   5:40
02 Dance Of Madness (instrumental) 5:12
03 And They Still Lie   4:25
04 Empty Words   6:01
05 The Bastards   6:50
06 From Christ To Devil   5:12
07 Reality Of Doom   5:18
08 Escape From The Void (instrumental) 5:28
09 Hell Is Not For All   5:57
10 Again In The War II (instrumental) 4:52

IMPERVIOUS GATES OF HEAVEN. Remake of album from 1997, recorded in 2019.

Otevřít obal
01 Ave Satanas (Intro)   4:07
02 Life After Life 5:25
03 Blasted The Church   4:23
04 Impervious Gates Of Heaven   6:21
05 Welcome To Hell   4:03
06 In Memoriam ...   6:40
07 The Revenge After Death   4:09
08 In Nomine (Outro) (instrumental) 3:27

The band MNICH was formed around 1990, originally as M.N.I.CH. . The band was founded by guitarist Kamil Hlavinka and drummer Vladimír „Bob“ Štorek. In 1993, the second guitarist Martin "Jim" Tyl was added to the pair. In 1994, as a band MNICH, this trio recording in the SHAARK studio their first demo "Přivítej smrt / Welcome Death".

In 1996 the band MNICH has another member, the bass post takes Jirka „Večerda“ Poledníček. This assembly records in November of the same year, in the SHAARK studio again, their second demo. Subsequently, the band itself issued it under the name "Impervious Gates Of Heaven".

In 1998 the band was leaved by the drummer Bob and replaced him a member who comes from Šternberk TARTAROS… Martin „Guli“ Lukášek. In this assembly the band MNICH trains and further performs, at the same time going to new tracks for new CD. However, this ultimately does not record and songs ends in a drawer and MNICH is falling apart in the middle of the year 2000.

This condition, however, will not last long and in 2002, with the arrival of drummer Mirek „Midosh“ Dostalík, experiencing a band of resurrection… But the band does not go to the concerts many times, rather is dedicated to the testing of the tracks that have been stored in a drawer with the intention to immortalize these songs on the new CD. In the same year guitarist Jim leaves the band and the band remains with three members.

After short time the band rebuilds itself, it is supplemented by Mirek´s former teammate from Olomouc Believe Dying, guitarist Petr „Nemrc“ Nemrava. The band works in this assembly on a forthcoming CD, which in early 2007 issued under the name „Nine Shapes Of Death“. The drums were recorded in SHAARK studio again, other instrumments are the results of a home studio.

The CD contains 8 original tracks and one cover version of „Crystal Mountain“ from the band DEATH. The composition is placed on the CD as a memory of the great composer, singer and guitarist of this formation Chuck Schuldiner.

Instrumental song „The End…“ is the song placed on the CD as the last. As if this name is something about, at the end of the following year takes place a band MNICH the last concert. The remaining of the year 2009 announces Kamil, the last founding member of the band, that leaves the band MNICH. The band MNICH fell apart.

The remaining members remain together, they focus on your own creation, rehearse and perform under the name GLOW.

In 2017, ten years after the release of the last CD "Nine Shapes Of Death", Kamil announces the return of the band MNICH to the music scene. The band is preparing the new CD, not thinking about playing live yet. Probably there will be a studio thing. How will all ends, time will tell.

Year 2018 ... new album is out. Its name is "Again In The War". There are ten songs on this album, three are instrumental. Line up: Kamil H. - electric and accoustic guitars, vocals, Jirka P. - bass guitars, Bob H. - keyboards, accoustic and bass guitars in song number 10. Sound was finalized in Cassiopeia recording studio ......

In 2019, a remake of the 1996 album "IMPERVIOUS GATES OF HEAVEN" was released. On the album there are slightly modified arrangements of some songs, but otherwise the recording more or less sticks to the previous version. Compared to the original version, however, this recording has a better sound.

   Cover MNICH 1994

01 Víra   1:30
02 Poselství   1:30
03 Sekhmet   1:30
04 Co spatřil jsem já   1:30
05 Antikrist   1:30
06 Přivítej smrt   1:30
07 Před smrtí   1:30
Year of publishing:  1994

Publisher:  selfrelease

Recorded and mixed in the SHAARK studio Kyjov from 1.12.1994 to 3.12.1994

Total time: 43,30 minutes

Language: Czech

Line up:
KAMIL - guitars, vocals, JIM - guitars, BOB - drums
   Cover MNICH 1996

01 Intro - Ave Satanas   1:30
02 Life After Life   1:30
03 Blasted The Church   1:30
04 Impervious Gates Of Heaven   1:30
05 Welcome To Hell   1:30
06 In Memoriam   1:30
07 The Revenge After Death   1:30
08 Outro - In Nomine (instr.) 1:30
Year of publishing:  1997

Publisher:  selfrelease

Recorded and mixed in the SHAARK studio Bzenec from 21.11.1996 to 24.11.1996

Total time: 37,43 minutes

Language: English

Line up:
KAMIL - guitars, vocals, JIM - guitars, BOB - drums, JIRKA - bass

   Open cover

   Cover MNICH 2007

01 The Chilly Touch Of Death   1:30
02 Death   1:30
03 Puppets   1:30
04 Euthanasia   1:30
05 Total Apocalypse   1:30
06 Suicide   1:30
07 Inward Fury   1:30
08 The End (instr.) 1:30
09 Crystal Mountain (cover) 1:30
Year of publishing:  2007

Publisher:  selfrelease

Drums were recorded in SHAARK studio Bzenec.
Guitars, vocals, mix and mastering - JMK Studio.

Total time : 47 minutes

Language: English

Line up:
KAMIL - guitars, vocals, PETR - guitars, MIREK - drums, JIRKA - bass

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